• 3012 Secondary Course – Audit

    POLICY NO.    3012                                                    DATE APPROVED:  1995-05-24 SUBJECT:        Secondary Course – Audit Policy The Board recognizes the diverse needs of students and endeavors to provide opportunities for student to experience success in their educational development, including an opportunity for a student to audit a course to gain experience or to improve her/her knowledge or skills.   […]

  • 3011 Secondary Course – Challenge

    POLICY NO.    3011                                                    DATE APPROVED:  1995-05-24 SUBJECT:        Secondary Course – Challenge Policy Learning that takes place outside formal public schooling and/or prior learning may be recognized towards completion of a student learning plan and/or credit towards meeting the requirements for graduation program completion, and in accordance with the regulations as identified for equivalency and challenge […]

  • 3010 Libraries-Materials Selection and Challenge

    SUBJECT:        Libraries – Materials Selection and Challenge ___________________________________________________________ Policy There will be criteria for selection of library materials and provisions for challenge of materials.

  • 3009 Libraries

    POLICY NO.:  3009                                                      DATE APPROVED:  1981-02  SUBJECT:        Libraries ______________________________________________________________________________ Policy The Board recognizes and supports school libraries as collections and multi media centres of learning and inquiry

  • 3007 Aboriginal Education

    POLICY NO.:  3007                                                    DATE APPROVED:  1993-05 SUBJECT:  First Nations Education Policy All Aboriginal education curriculum material will be developed and edited in cooperation and consultation among local Aboriginal organizations and bands, the school district, and the school district’s Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee. Regulations 1.         Aboriginal language and cultural programs will be available to both Aboriginal […]

  • 3006 Aboriginal Advisory Committee

    POLICY NO.:  3006                                   DATE APPROVED:  1993-05  SUBJECT:  Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee ______________________________________________________________________________  Policy  The Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee will provide advice and assistance in the implementation and development of Aboriginal education, language, and cultural programs.  Regulations  Purpose:  To advise and assist School District No. 60, through the Superintendent of Schools, in the delivery and development […]

  • 3005 Outdoor Education

    POLICY NO.:  3005                                                                 DATE APPROVED:  1989-06 SUBJECT:        Outdoor Education Program Policy The Board Policy endorses safe, enjoyable learning opportunities gained through an outdoor education program. Regulations The program shall be developed at the Cameron Lake site in conjunction with the Outdoor Education Committee and district curriculum guide and shall include the following objectives: –           to […]

  • 3004 Instruction – Sensitive Content

    POLICY NO: 3004                                                            DATE APPROVED: 97-11-10 SUBJECT: INSTRUCTION-Sensitive Content Policy Teachers are expected to provide instruction in accordance with learning objectives of the prescribed curriculum. Sensitive issues such as those involving sexual orientation should be addressed by teachers in the context of the learning outcomes of the prescribed curriculum and in accordance with the recommended […]

  • 3003 Learning Resources

    POLICY NO:      3003 SUBJECT:          Selection of Learning Resources Policy The Board is committed to providing a wide range of learning resources to meet the educational needs of all students.  Learning Resources will be selected according to the regulations attached. REGULATIONS Selection of Learning Resources 1.0         Definition 1)”Learning resources” refers to any person (s) or material, […]

  • 3002 Local Educational Initiatives

    POLICY NO.:    3002                                                                 DATE APPROVED:  96-09-11   SUBJECT:        Local Educational Initiatives                               Policy The Board welcomes and will consider community proposed educational initiatives.  R E G U L A T I O N S The Board will consider community initiated educational proposals when the following requirements are met: 1.         the proposal contains a statement of philosophy and […]