3011 Secondary Course – Challenge

POLICY NO.    3011                                                    DATE APPROVED:  1995-05-24

SUBJECT:        Secondary Course – Challenge


Learning that takes place outside formal public schooling and/or prior learning may be recognized towards completion of a student learning plan and/or credit towards meeting the requirements for graduation program completion, and in accordance with the regulations as identified for equivalency and challenge procedures.


1.         The school principal will establish procedures to ensure the application of the policy to best achieve the policy objectives.


1.         A student who believes he/she has already mastered the learning outcomes of a course offered by the school may challenge the course for credit by applying in writing to the principal.  The school principal may review the challenge and set conditions for challenge, including:

  • setting time frames when challenges may take place. (course challenges are normally to take place during the regular evaluation cycle).
  • establishing fees (non-refundable and refundable) to offset any cost associated with a challenge process
  • consultation with parents, the student, or other individuals or groups
  • consistent fit with the student’s learning plan and the impact of the challenge on the student meeting graduation requirements
  • other factors that emerge, as appropriate.

2.         The student will be required to demonstrate that he/she has achieved satisfactory competencies in the expected learning outcomes for the course.  Demonstrations of expected learning outcomes could include:

Term and Final Exams (school based)

Provincial Exams

Oral Examinations



Documented learning

3.         A student may challenge a course only once.  An unsuccessful challenge will normally require a student to complete the course successfully in order to receive credit.

4.         The principal must ensure any credit granted under the challenge process will be consistent with the provincial guidelines for challenge and requirements for graduation, and that the student and/or parent(s) /guardian(s) is aware of how any credit granted under this process will influence graduation.

5.         The school principal will notify the student, in writing, of any decision.