3004 Instruction – Sensitive Content

POLICY NO: 3004                                                            DATE APPROVED: 97-11-10



Teachers are expected to provide instruction in accordance with learning objectives of the prescribed curriculum. Sensitive issues such as those involving sexual orientation should be addressed by teachers in the context of the learning outcomes of the prescribed curriculum and in accordance with the recommended guidelines for dealing with sensitive issues in the Health & Career Education Integrated Resources Packages.

Questions regarding sexual orientation which may arise from time-to-time should be answered in an age-appropriate manner and in a manner which demonstrates tolerance and respect for the dignity of all students and for the values of all members of the school community.

Schools are to promote a positive and inclusive school environment with quality educational opportunities for all individuals in the system regardless of race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical and mental disability, sex or sexual orientation.

 Parental views will be solicited when sensitive subject matters in personal development components of the Health & Career Education are to be addressed. The family life component of the Health & Career Education will provide opportunities to a self-directed studies option. The Board will continue its practice of screening sensitive curriculum resources through the Learning Resources Advisory Committee.