3012 Secondary Course – Audit

POLICY NO.    3012                                                    DATE APPROVED:  1995-05-24

SUBJECT:        Secondary Course – Audit


The Board recognizes the diverse needs of students and endeavors to provide opportunities for student to experience success in their educational development, including an opportunity for a student to audit a course to gain experience or to improve her/her knowledge or skills.



1.         The school principal will establish procedures to ensure the application of the policy to best achieve the policy objectives.


1.         A student may apply to the principal to audit a course.  The school principal may decide to allow the  audit.  The principal may consider various factors and set conditions for audit, including:

available space in the course/classroom

establishing fees (non-refundable and refundable) to consist of costs associated        with an audit process

consultation with parents, the student, or other individuals or group

consistent fit with the student’s learning plan and the impact of the audit on the        student meeting graduation requirements

other factors that emerge, as appropriate

2.         The school principal will notify the student, in writing, of any decision.