• 2013 Provision of Menstrual Products to Students

    POLICY NO.:             2013                     DATE APPROVED:  December 12, 2019 SUBJECT:                 Provision of Menstrual Products to Students Policy The Board of Education of School District #60 (Peace River North) is committed to providing menstrual products to students who may require them. Regulations The Board will: Ensure menstrual products are made available to students of all gender […]

  • 2005 Curricular/Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activities

     POLICY NO.:   2005                                                     DATE APPROVED:  1982-06 SUBJECT:        Curricular / Co-Curricular / Extra-Curricular Activities _____________________________________________________________________________ Policy Curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular trips and activities will be organized in the safest way […]

  • 2006 Discrimination, Assault, Bullying, and Harassment

    SCHOOL DISTRICT #60 (Peace River North)  POLICY NO.: 2006                         DATE APPROVED:      02-17-2014 SUBJECT:     Discrimination, Assault, Bullying, and Harassment Policy School District # 60 will provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive learning environment free from, discrimination, assault, bullying and harassment. Regulations: Students, employees, […]

  • 2011 Student Records

    POLICY NO.:   2011                                                                DATE APPROVED:96-06-12 SUBJECT:       Student Records Policy The Board of School Trustees regards documents which the District has received or which it has prepared as the property of School District No. 60 (Peace River North). The Board of School Trustees will maintain a cumulative record for each student enrolled in the District. […]

  • 2010 Discipline

    POLICY NO.:               2010                DATE APPROVED:      1977-06  SUBJECT:                    Discipline Policy The Board of School Trustees for School district No. 60 recognizes the requirement for district schools to provide stable, safe and secure environments in which students and staff may work and learn, and the responsibility of principals to establish disciple policies/procedures for their schools. Regulations The […]

  • 2009 Student Conduct Committee

    POLICY NO.:               2009                DATE APPROVED:      1979-01 SUBJECT:                    Student Conduct Committee Policy The Board delegates its responsibilities for discipline to the Student Conduct Committee. Regulations 1.  When the behavior of a pupil is such that it is clearly detrimental to the teaching and learning process of the school and where his/her application to his/her studies is […]

  • 2008 Musical Instruments

    POLICY NO.:               2008                                        DATE APPROVED:      1982-06 SUBJECT:                    Musical Instruments Policy Where musical instruments are supplied by the school, a damage deposit will be levied.

  • 2007 Dress

    POLICY NO.:               2007                            DATE APPROVED:      1982-06 SUBJECT:                    Dress Policy It is the Policy of this Board that attire be respectable and appropriate according to the judgement of the Principal of the School.

  • 2004 Student Admission & Choice

    POLICY NO.:    2004                                         DATE APPROVED:       1980-02 SUBJECT:        SCHOOL ADMISSION AND SCHOOL CHOICE  Policy  Student admission in School District No. 60 (Peace River North) is to be guided by the following principles:  –        Access to neighbourhood school: The admission process should maximize the number of students able to attend their catchment area school in accordance […]

  • 2003 Student Placement K-7

    POLICY NO.:                2003                                         DATE APPROVED:     1995-05-24  SUBJECT:                    Student Placement– Kindergarten to Grade 7  Policy  Students should be placed in educational programs which offer the greatest opportunity for their success.   Placement is determined at the School level, in consultation with parents.