2009 Student Conduct Committee

POLICY NO.:               2009                DATE APPROVED:      1979-01

SUBJECT:                    Student Conduct Committee


The Board delegates its responsibilities for discipline to the Student Conduct Committee.


1.  When the behavior of a pupil is such that it is clearly detrimental to the teaching and learning process of the school and where his/her application to his/her studies is such that the Principal and teacher (s) conclude that he/she is gaining little or nothing from the school and where all sincere attempts to rectify the situation have been to no avail, the Principal shall write a letter to the Superintendent referring the situation to the Student Conduct Committee of the Board.

2.Where the Student Conduct Committee of the Board upholds a Principal’s recommendation to withdraw a pupil from school, but does not wish to deny the pupil access to further education, it may take one of the following:

a)              Transfer of the pupil to another school.

b)              Provide for the education of the pupil through Distance Education.

c)              Allow the pupil to return with or without extra duties.

d)              Refer the pupil to a work experience situation with academic instruction occurring for a portion of the day.

e)              In the case of an older pupil, refer him/her to Northern Lights College for upgrading.

3. The Board will be informed in each case of such action taken.