2013 Provision of Menstrual Products to Students

POLICY NO.:             2013                     DATE APPROVED:  December 12, 2019

SUBJECT:                 Provision of Menstrual Products to Students


The Board of Education of School District #60 (Peace River North) is committed to providing menstrual products to students who may require them.


The Board will:

  1. Ensure menstrual products are made available to students of all gender identities or expressions in a manner that protects student privacy;
  2. Provide for barrier free, easily accessible menstrual products at no cost to students;
  3. Provide menstrual products in school washrooms; and,
  4. Consider student feedback with respect to the provision of menstrual products.


School district staff will develop procedures regarding the provision of menstrual products to students

Originally Approved:

December 16, 2019