8009 Transportation Assistance

POLICY NO.:                8009                             DATE APPROVED:       1999-11-10

SUBJECT:                    Transportation Assistance


The Board recognizes that school-age children are entitled to access educational programs in School District No. 60 and that a means of transportation assistance may be required.


Upon application, and approval of same, and subject to the accompanying regulations, transportation assistance will be paid to parents or guardians of students.

(a)        attending public schools

(b)        with special needs who cannot ride the regular bus and who do not reside within the pickup area of the specially equipped bus.


Application forms are available at the School Board Office.  Payment will be made only to the parent or guardian of the student.  A monthly claim form must be submitted by the parent or legal guardian.


Eligibility is determined by the walking distance from the point where the private driveway meets the public access to the closest appropriate bus stop or school (whichever is nearer).

In the case of students with special needs, eligibility will be determined in accordance with Board Policy and Regulations #7003.1 Busing – Students with Special Needs.

For students who have educational facilities at their grade level in their communities, transportation assistance may be approved only under very exceptional circumstances.


Transportation allowance will be paid at the rate of  $.20 cents per kilometer.  The maximum transportation allowance per day is $20.00.

The distance is calculated from the home of the student to the closest applicable bus stop or school (whichever is nearer to the residence).

Students with Special Needs

In the event that parents transport students with special needs who have been determined ineligible to ride the regular bus and who do not reside within the pickup area of the specially equipped bus, transportation assistance will be paid at $.20 cents per kilometer to a maximum of $20.00 per day.

Retroactive Payment

Retroactive payment of transportation allowance will be limited to September 1st or January 1st of the school year in which it is claimed.


Automobile owners must check the adequacy of their own personal insurance coverage.  It is illegal for the School District to pay insurance or to accept any liability for such conveyance of a student.

Revised 10-21-2013