8004 Purchasing Procedures

POLICY NO.:                8004                 DATE APPROVED:            1985-03

SUBJECT:        Purchasing Procedures


The Board of School Trustees requires that assets, materials, and services needed for the enhancement of education, and the operation of the School District, be purchased in the most economical and expeditious manner possible, at the lowest available cost for the quality of the product or service required, while maintaining relationships with suppliers on a fair and ethical basis.


1.         The authority to purchase general supplies and non-contractual services in the name of the School/Department shall be delegated to the following:-

a)         Schools – Principals and Vice-Principals

b)         Departments – Supervisor in charge.

2.         Purchasing delegates are responsible for ensuring that good value is obtained and budget provisions are met.

3.         Purchasing delegates must comply with the prescribed “Method of Acquisition” as set out in these Regulations.

4.         Unless circumstances dictate otherwise, priority will be given to local business firms.  See item 2 under “Tenders and Quotations”.

5.         Use of the School District purchasing procedures to acquire goods and services for personal use will not be permitted except where specifically allowed to do so as per Policy  “Employee Computer Purchase Plan”.

6.         When replacing equipment, items replaced are to be traded or removed for disposal by issuing a work order to the Maintenance Department for pickup.  In the event the replaced equipment is considered satisfactory for use elsewhere within the School District, it will be issued to that school or department.

District staff may also initiate re-allocation of resources from school to school according to educational need and extent of use after first discussing with appropriate school administrators.

7.       Purchasing will be done with the “Environment” in mind.


Product specifications shall be determined by:

a)     Suitability

b)     Quality

c)     Availability of parts and service

d)     Economy

e)     Delivery time

Wherever possible, equipment and supplies shall be standardized in order to achieve maximum purchasing economy and quality goods. Consideration shall be given to future maintenance of equipment and availability of parts and service.


1.         Cooperative purchasing will be done with other school districts and other government bodies for purchasing of items in common where there are better prices, quality control and savings of time.


1.         To achieve maximum purchasing economy, orders for common items should be consolidated whenever possible.


1.         All responsible bidders shall be given equal consideration and the assurance of unbiased judgment in determining whether their product meets specifications and the needs of the School District.

2.         Where quality, price, availability and service are equivalent, preference is to be given to Canadian manufactured goods.

3.         Purchasing delegates are expected to ensure that competition for the School Districts’ business is maximized and, in particular, that local vendors are given every reasonable opportunity to bid on School District contracts.

4.         Purchases shall be made at the lowest tendered or quoted price (written or phone-in) consistent with the required quality and service; provided that the School District shall reserve the right to accept or reject the whole or part of any tender.

5.         The Secretary-Treasurer shall be consulted prior to awarding a tender to other than the low bidder.

6.         Copies of written or phone requests for tenders or quotations on major items and bulk orders shall be provided to the Secretary-Treasurer (refer to Tender/Quote Worksheet available on SD #60 Website).

7.         Copies of written or phone requests for tenders or quotations on other than major items shall be recorded and kept on file at the school or department involved for a minimum of three (3) years (refer to Tender/Quote Worksheet available on SD #60 Website).

8.         Each bidder shall be notified of the tender result and the amount of the successful tender and upon inquiry information will be provided on other tenders received.

9.         Tendering for major building projects shall be in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education.



The Board understands probity to mean that:

-all activities are undertaken in a visibly fair, ethical and prudent manner.

-all transactions are handled with integrity and honesty.

-all purchasing within the district is seen as being handled with fairness and honesty and is, in fact, being done in that manner.


The Board expects that:

-Public tendering be done in all cases where reasonable and practical to do so. *

-Reasonable rules of fair play consistently be applied to all purchasing transactions.

-Qualified suppliers are provided with equal opportunity to provide goods and services to the District.

-Issues which might be seen as a conflict of interest are avoided (unless special permission is sought from the Board).  Such issues might include:

–          employees selling goods to the School District

–           employees purchasing used items from the District without the school or department first gone through a disposal process

–           employees purchasing directly from friends or relatives without first going through a fair process which would allow other qualified suppliers to submit a tender

–           employees having a vested interest in who receives the tender and are involved first-hand in awarding tenders, etc.

*            Purchasing is an important aspect, of the roles for Principals and Vice-Principals /Supervisors/Department Staff, as are all other responsibilities facing management and accordingly priorities must be established.  Time invested should be proportional to the dollars saved.


1.         Invitations to tender may be advertised electronically and/or in a local newspaper and such other newspapers as may be deemed appropriate.  Copies of requests for tenders may also be delivered in writing to known suppliers of the items or service required.  In addition, phone tenders may be used for smaller items and where time does not permit use of written format.

2.         All tenders and quotations will be stamped with the date and time of receipt and initialed by the person receiving same.

3.         A minimum of two School District staff members shall be present at the opening of tenders.

4.         All tenders are considered to be public and accordingly, all persons entering a bid are entitled to attend the tender opening.

5.         Each bidder is entitled to receive notification of the successful bid, and upon inquiry, information will be provided on other tenders received.

6.         The Board shall reserve the right to accept or reject the whole or any part of the tender.  The lowest tender is not necessarily accepted.

School and District Supplies and Equipment

Will be tendered at the discretion of District Staff and/or Principals and Vice-Principals, after first considering the time involved for coordination, distribution and accounting of bulk order and tendering.