7014 Transportation-Independent Contractors/Contract Drivers/Operating Costs

POLICY NO.:    7014                    DATE APPROVED:        04-10-2008

SUBJECT:        Transportation-Independent Contractors/Contract Drivers/Operating Costs


The Board will clarify the roles, responsibilities and contract rates between the Board and the contractors who provide contracted school bus transportation services to the school district.


1. Contractors will not be permitted to sell their bus contracts, in whole or in part, without first receiving Board approval. Should the Board decide not to approve the sale, the Board shall state its reason(s).

2. The number of buses allowed per contractor shall not exceed five.

3. If a contractor leaves the North Peace Area, he/she must give up his/her bus contract.

4. Before purchase of a new bus, the contractor must consult with the School District Transportation Supervisor to determine future bussing

5.  The Board requires all contracted school bus drivers to provide a copy of their current and valid driver’s license to the district Transportation Supervisor annually.

6.  The Board considers safety to be paramount-it is expected that all safety aspects will be enforced.

Revised: 01-21-2013,04-2019                                                            Policy 7014