7007.1 Facilities-Murals-Exterior Walls

POLICY NO.:    7007.1        DATE APPROVED: 09-08-08     

SUBJECT:        Facilities – Murals – Exterior Walls     


The Board encourages the use of exterior walls of schools to display murals done by the District’s students and staff.  With permission of the school/site supervisor, persons outside of the district; may also participate in these projects.  All projects must be done in consultation with Maintenance and District Staff.


1.         The style and methods used to install or apply murals onto schools buildings will vary from site to site.  Therefore a local plan should be developed by each site/school interested and the individual plan should be presented to the Maintenance Supervisor for consideration.

2.         Once agreement is reached with the Maintenance Supervisor, the plan can be presented to the Board for final approval.

3.         Should final approval be granted the Maintenance Department is responsible for assisting/supervising as direct by the Board.