7005 Facilities-Employee Access to district Facilities

POLICY NO.: 7005                DATE APPROVED:        2001-12-12

SUBJECT: Facilities -Employee Access to District Facilities


It is the policy of the Board to determine the hours during which District facilities are available for staff to access.


School District No. 60 buildings will be available to staff from the hours of 6:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m during the instructional year, except in circumstances requiring hours to be adjusted by the District.  

Use of Facilities Outside of Normal Work Days

Each School District No. 60 work site will establish, through its Joint Health and Safety Committee or Worker Representative, an adequate sign-in and man-check procedure to ensure the safety and well being of staff using these facilities outside of normal work days.  This procedure will be reviewed annually. 

While alone in the building and conducting school district business, the employee will not engage in higher risk activities.  Some of these activities will include but not limited to the following working from a ladder, using shop equipment in the Industrial Educational Departments, Kilns, Science Laboratories, weight lifting equipment and equipment found in Home Economic Rooms and teaching kitchens. 

Where an emergency pendant system is in place the employee will carry this devise with him/her until leaving the building. 

Exterior doors will be kept locked at all times.

Staff entering the buildings outside of normal work days must comply with the established sign-in and man-check procedures.