7004 Transportation Safety

POLICY NO.:               7004                DATE APPROVED:      1982-06

SUBJECT:                    Transportation Safety


To provide a level of safety for students and other riders, schools will remain open and, where conditions permit, bus services will be maintained.


1.  Where unforeseen circumstances arise, the Transportation Supervisor or designate, in consultation with the bus driver, shall assess the situation and decide whether buses should be cancelled.

a)  If a bus is cancelled, the bus driver must, wherever possible, phone the student’s parents/guardians on their run to notify them of the cancellations.

b)  The Transportation Supervisor or designate, shall notify other agencies as deemed necessary.

2. In the case of unforeseen conditions developing during the day, the bus driver and the administrator concerned may decide to return students and other riders to their homes early.

a) The administrator or designate shall notify the Transportation Supervisor. If the Transportation Supervisor is not available, the Secretary-Treasurer shall be notified.

b) Parents/guardians must be notified if students and other riders are dismissed prior to their regular dismissal time.

c) The Transportation Supervisor or designate, shall notify other agencies as deemed necessary.

3. It is the responsibility of the bus driver to see that all students and other riders are delivered safely to an authorized destination.

a) Students and other riders may need to be driven closer to their authorized destination than the regular routes normally allow.

b) The bus driver shall see that the school bus does not arrive at a stop ahead of schedule and may require that students and other riders be at the bus stop at least five minutes ahead of the scheduled arrival of the bus.

c) Under adverse driving conditions where it is doubtful that the driver can deliver students and other riders to their homes safely, the driver should leave students and other riders with a neighbour or at the school and notify the administrator and parent/guardian as soon as possible.

4. The bus driver may refuse to transport students and other riders who are not adequately dressed for seasonal weather conditions.

a) Where an inadequately dressed student or other rider has been identified, the parent/guardian and administrator will be notified by the driver.

Originally Approved: 1982-06                                                                                 Policy No.7004

Revised:1997-12, 04-10-08, 01-21-2013, 06-19-2017