7003 Busing – Conduct

POLICY NO.:  7003                 DATE APPROVED:        1982-06

 SUBJECT:                    Busing – Conduct

Bus Drivers have immediate authority for pupils at all times while being transported to and from school.

 The pupils as passengers shall maintain the same standards of conduct while in a school bus that prevail in the classroom.  Pupils may be denied the privileges of bus transportation for breach of this Policy.

 Principals of schools have complete authority over their pupils from the time that they board the bus on the way to school to the time they leave the bus on returning home, an to this degree bus drivers and/or the Transportation Supervisor will report to them on matters which relate to the servicing, scheduling or conduct of such pupils as per attached regulations.


  1. The Bus Driver is responsible for the safety and welfare of the pupils while the pupils are on the bus.  If a pupil becomes a problem on the bus, the pupil is to be given a written warning to be taken home.  Parents and Principal concerned are advised by copy that the pupil’s behavior is not satisfactory, and that, if it continues unsatisfactory, that pupil may lose the privilege of riding the bus.

2. If the Problem continues after the initial warning, the Bus Driver will issue a written memo through the pupil, to the parent of a suspension and copy will be sent to the Principal.  The pupil and parents will be required to meet with the School Principal to straighten the matter out before transportation of the pupil will be resumed. 

3. In extreme circumstances, the Driver will issue the discipline memo to the pupil without prior warning.

4.  A Driver may not use physical violence in dealing with a pupil.

5.  A pupil shall not be put off a bus until his or her normal loading point has been reached.

6.  Bus rules apply to pupils on special trips as well.  The Driver is in charge of the bus.  Teachers on special trips are to enforce the rules and keep order.

Revised: 04-10-2008