5001 Administering Medication to Students

POLICY NO.:                5001                      DATE APPROVED: 1999-05-12 

SUBJECT:               Administering Medication to Students 


School personnel will render medical assistance to students, including the administration of medication (or the supervision of self-administration of medications) in accordance with the attached Regulations. 


The Principal will designate school personnel who will administer medications (or supervise the self administration of medications) to students, as long as the following conditions are met: 

  1. The parents/guardians advise the Principal (in writing) of any health conditions which their child has which may require medical attention or the administration of medications during the school day. 
  2. If the school is required to store medication, the parent/guardian shall deliver the medication to the school in a properly labeled prescription container. 
  3. School staff will administer medications only upon receipt of instructions from public health personnel. In order to secure a reasonable level of safety and well-being for students, the following procedures are to be adhered to: 
  4. If required, the Board will arrange for appropriate training of school personnel.  In all such cases, more than one staff member shall be trained in the administration of medication in order to provide an alternative person in cases of absence or unavailability. 
  5. The Principal, in conjunction with the student, parent/guardian, family physician and school nurse shall develop an individual plan for the administration of medication to the student. 
  6. Where a student requires supervision by Public Health, the Principal shall notify the Public Health Supervisor of the administration of medication. 
  7. A log shall be kept in the school in which all pertinent information is recorded (ie. Date, time, dosage, etc.). 
  8. Medications shall be stored in a safe and secure location.

 Where a student is a bus student, the Principal shall notify the Transportation Supervisor of the medical condition and needs of the student.

Where a student may require medication in an emergency situation, for example, an injection of adrenaline for an allergic reaction, the Principal shall make all teachers who normally have contact with that student aware of the steps to be taken should such an emergency occur. 

Where a student is involved in a Field Trip, a trained designated person shall also be on the field trip and the parent/guardian must complete a Consent Form in accordance with Board Policy . 

  1. The Board does not supply non-prescription drugs.  Non-prescription drugs will not be administered without specific written instructions from the parent/guardian.