4031 Teachers – Sick Leave Credit

POLICY NO.:  4031                                                                  DATE APPROVED:  1970-11

 SUBJECT:        Teachers

                        – Sick Leave Credit


The Board of Education for School District #60 (Peace River North) is prepared to award a sick leave credit to a new teacher once she/he has been hired in keeping with the guidelines included in the attached regulations.


1.         Each teacher shall receive, upon appointment, fifteen (15) days credited from the first year in the district.  Should the teacher who has utilized fifteen (15) days leave the employ of the district before the completion of a full year, compensation will be made to the Board.  No further sick leave will be granted until the start of the second year in the district, at which time fifteen (15) days will be granted, if required; otherwise sick leave entitlement will be credited at one and one-half (1 1/2) days per month.

2.         The Board will provide, upon request, to each teacher, within thirty (30) days of his leaving the employ of the Board, a statement of unused sick leave credits.

3.         For teachers on Letters of Permission, sick leave shall be granted on the basis of one and one-half (1 1/2) sick days per month, allowable in advance for the ensuing period of appointment.