4029 Teachers-Moving Allowance/Temporary Accommodation

POLICY NO.:                4029                                        DATE APPROVED:      2000-04-12

SUBJECT:                   Teachers

 Moving Allowance / Temporary Accommodation


The Board will offer new teachers to the district financial assistance to help with moving and initial accommodations as defined through the accompanying regulations.


Moving Allowance

Teachers appointed to this School District will be paid a moving allowance, on request, to assist in their travel and moving expenses to this District as follows:


Teachers recruited from British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon              $2,000


 Teachers recruited from other areas                                                          $4,000

Temporary Accommodation

Teachers new to the District will be paid temporary accommodations in Fort St. John for a maximum of three (3) days upon presentation of receipts from a local hotel or motel (room and taxes only).

Revised:2000-04, 2011-10, 2018-08; 2019-10