4027 Teacher Leaves

POLICY NO.: 4027                                                        DATE APPROVED:       1978-2001


The Board will consider the approval of leaves to teachers by principals and or the superintendent or his/her designate for special circumstances according to the guidelines outlined within this policy and it’s regulations.


A)         Short Term Leaves: 

1) Leave “with” pay. 

  • A paid leave of ½ day or less may be granted by the principal provided no T.O. C. is required.
  • A paid leave of one (1) day or longer will require both the principal’s and superintendent’s approval.
  • A teacher may take a paid leave of one (1) day for his/her university convocation.  Principal approval is required for this leave. 

2) Leave “without pay”. 

  • Leaves without pay require the approval of both the principal and the superintendent. 

3) Leaves with pay “less” cost of T.O. C. 

  • Leaves in this category may be granted to allow a teacher to attend activities which involve students as well as non-students.
  • The deductions to the employee will be determined by the T.O. C. rate in effect for the year of the leave.
  • These leaves require the approval of both the principal and superintendent. 

B)               Long Term Leaves: 

1.         To be eligible for a Professional Leave, a teacher must be on the permanent teaching staff of School District No. 60. 

2.         He/she must have completed a minimum of two (2) consecutive years in the District at the time of the leave. 

3.         The following conditions must be considered: 

            a)         The welfare of the learning situation. 

            b)         Staffing needs of the school system. 

            c)         Provided applications are received before the end of February. 

            d)         Each case will be considered separately.  District seniority will be a factor. 

            e)         Preference will be given according to the following priorities:

                        –           Leave to assume teaching duties as recognized in the PRNTA Contract.

                        –           Leave to study or gain educational experience helpful to present teaching post.

                        –           Leave for travel or other personal reasons. 

            f)          Leave will be granted either: 

                        –           From and to a particular school.                        or

                        –           From an administrative position to a teaching position in that school.                 or

                        –           From an administrative position to an administrative position. 

            g)         Teachers should expect notification of acceptance or rejection of their request following the first Board Meeting in March. 

            h)         Teachers granted leave under this policy must confirm their intention to return by March 15th if a position is to be made available the following September.  Failure to do so may result in the School District no longer having a position available. 

            i)          A teacher on a temporary appointment will be utilized to fill the leave period.

Revised: 1989-1992, 2011-10