4022 Employment-Related Accommodation

POLICY NO.:                4022                             DATE APPROVED:   1983-06 


The Board may provide staff accommodation in outlying areas where no other accommodation is available in accordance with the attached Regulations.  Teachers will be given priority.



1.         Accommodations will contain a fridge, stove and window coverings and these items are not to be moved from one unit to another without the express permission of the Maintenance Supervisor. 

2.         Prior to accepting occupancy, the tenant will inspect the unit with the Maintenance Supervisor, or designate, and will sign and receive a copy of the Inspection Sheet.

Rental Schedule:    

1.         Rent will be established by the Board to reflect the condition and type of accommodation supplied. 

2.         Effective February 1, 2005 the rental/utility schedules will be reviewed every two years to reflect adjustments in the markets. 

3.         The tenant is responsible for utility costs.  The Board will maintain estimated utility costs for accommodations which will be updated annually in July to reflect supplier increases.  Any increase/decrease will take effect in January. 

4.         Tenants will be charged rent and utilities for the months of July and August.

5.         The monthly rental and utilities for the months of September to August will be deducted directly through the payroll system. 

6.         Tenants will be allowed to leave their personal belongings in the units during the months of July and August providing that: 

                        1. the tenant does not reside in the unit during July and August:

                        2 .payment in the amount of $150.00 per month will be payroll deducted.

                        3. the premises are left clean.                       

Vacating Accommodations: 

1.         Tenants leaving the District at the end of the school year must vacate their unit by July 15th. 

2.         All keys must be turned in to at the time of final inspection. 

3.         Upon notice of intent to vacate, the Maintenance Supervisor, or designate, and the tenant will compare the Inspection Sheet with the actual condition of the unit.  Costs for repairs and/or cleaning will be charged to the tenant.

 Vacating Accommodations for the Months of July and August 

1.         No rent will be charged for July and August provided the tenant occupying the unit: 

a)         Provides the Board with written notice to vacate by May 31st annually; and,

b)         Removes all belongings, including furniture, from the unit. 

2.         The tenant will not be guaranteed return to the same unit. 


1.         No pets shall be housed on School Board property without the express permission of the Secretary-Treasurer, or designate. 

2.         Pets, if allowed, must be kept under control at all times and not be allowed to run loose on school grounds.  It is preferred that no animals be allowed inside units.  Any damage caused by pets will be charged to the tenant. 

Responsibilities of Parties: 

1.         Tenants 

a)         Damages 

–           The tenant will be held responsible for any damages to accommodations, beyond normal wear and tear (including damage cause by pets). 

b)         General Housekeeping 

–           The tenant shall always maintain the unit in a clean condition. 

c)         Removal of Garbage 

–           The tenant shall be responsible for the disposal of all garbage and refuse in and about the unit. 

d)         Renovations 

–           The tenant shall not undertake or cause to be undertaken any renovations in or about the unit without the express approval of the Board. 

f)          Decorating 

– Responsibilities such as hanging pictures, curtains, shower curtains, clotheslines, etc. will be that of the tenant. 

2.         Board 

a)         Heating System    )

             Water System      )  Maintenance and Malfunction

              Electrical              ) 

b)         Furnaces will be inspected annually at which time the filters will be changed and preventative maintenance will be done.

 c)         The Board will endeavor to keep units in a good state of repair.  Preventative maintenance will be done on a regular basis pending the availability of funding. 

d)         An annual inspection will be done by the Maintenance Supervisor to determine the overall condition of the unit from a Maintenance perspective.  Items found to be unacceptable will be repaired.  If there is damage and/or certain other conditions found unacceptable, the tenant will be evicted. 

e)         The board will endeavor to provide notice of inspection when feasible.

Revised: 1995-10, 1996-09, 1997-09, 1999-12, 2001-11, 2004-06, 2004-10, 2006-06, 2011-10