4020 Recognition of Service

POLICY NO.4020                                                                   DATE APPROVED:  1992-01 


It is a policy of the Board to show appreciation to the contribution that is made to the quality of education services by its employees and to recognize that contribution. 


1.         An annual celebration will be hosted by the Board of Education in honour of employees retiring and those with years of service as listed in Policy. 

2.         The celebration will be held in June. 

3.         Long service employees will be honoured for service during the school year (September 1 – August 31) in which they will have worked the benchmark years.  Both continuous and accumulative service will be recognized. 

4.         Invitations will be extended to the following:

            a)         Employee being honoured and Spouse or a guest.

            b)         Principal or immediate supervisor and spouse.

            c)         District Administrative staff and spouses.

            d)         Others that may be deemed appropriate by the Board of Education. 

5.         Pins in honour of service will be presented at the celebration to the long service employees; cards and a gift will be presented to those employee’s retiring from the District. 

6.         Arrangements for the celebration will be made by the office of the Secretary-Treasurer.

Revised: 2004-12, 2010-09, 210-10, 2011-10