4018 Prevention of Harassment in the Workplace


The Board does not condone bullying and harassment in any form.  This policy applies to all employees.  It applies to interpersonal and electronic communications such as email.  All allegations will be followed up according to the language of the collective agreement if applicable and or the attached regulations.



Employee – means any person in the employ of the Board in any capacity, including contracted services, management staff and individual trustees.

Workplace Bullying and Harassment:

  1. Workplace bullying and harassment means any improper behavior by a person that is directed at and offensive to any person and which the violator knew or ought reasonably to have known would be unwelcome.  Workplace bullying and harassment comprises objectionable conduct, comment, materials or display made on either a one-time or continuous basis that demeans, belittles, or causes substantial distress, personal humiliation, intimidation or embarrassment.  Bullying and harassment excludes any reasonable action taken by the employer or supervisor relating to the management and direction of employees or place of employment.  Harassment means the improper use of power and authority to undermine performance or in any way interfere with career or success.  This does not restrict Supervisory and Management personnel from carrying out their job functions, including disciplinary actions.
  2. Without limiting the foregoing, harassment includes “harassment” within the meaning of the Canadian Human Rights Act, i.e. harassment on the basis of the following prohibited grounds of discrimination: race, color, ancestry, place of origin, political belief, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex, sexual orientation, age, or because that person has been convicted of a criminal or summary conviction offense.

Sexual Harassment:

  1. For the purposes of this Policy and Regulations, “sexual harassment” means any conduct, comment, gesture, or contact of a sexual nature, whether on a one-time basis or continuous series of incidents, that might reasonably be expected to cause offense or humiliation; or that might reasonably be perceived as placing a condition of a sexual nature on employment or on any opportunity for training, promotion, grades, etc.

Examples of conduct or comments that might constitute bullying and harassment include verbal aggression or insults, calling someone derogatory names, harmful hazing or initiation practices, vandalizing personal belongings and spreading malicious rumours.

Employees must:

  1. not engage in the bullying and harassment of other workers.
  2. report if bullying and harassment is observed or experienced
  3. apply and comply with the School District’s policies and procedures on bullying and harassment.


  1. Sometimes a person does not realize that a particular habit, action, reaction, or attitude is unwelcome.  An open and honest communication may be welcome and effective.  Therefore, it is recommended that the complainant speaks or corresponds directly with the alleged bully and harasser to express his/her feelings, if appropriate.
  2. If Step 1 is not utilized or is unsuccessful, the complainant shall report the alleged bullying and harassment through the procedure described in the current Collective Agreement (where applicable).  Where an employee is not covered by a Collective Agreement, complaints of alleged bullying and harassment are to be reported to the immediate supervisor, Secretary-Treasurer, or Superintendent of Schools, as appropriate using the School District No. 60 Complaint Form.  In the event the Superintendent of Schools is involved either as the complainant or alleged bullier and harasser, the complaint shall, at the complaintant’s discretion, be immediately referred to a third party as mutually agreed who shall proceed to investigate the complaint in accordance with Step 3 and report to the Board.
  3.  Complaints of alleged bullying and harassment will be handled with all possible confidentiality and dispatch.
  4.  The Board agrees to deal with any retaliation caused by lodging a complaint under this policy.


  1.  The Board will inform the complainant of action(s) that are being taken in response to the complaint.
  2. Where it has been found that bullying and harassment has occurred, the violator will be subject to disciplinary actions up to, and including, suspension and/or expulsion of a student or suspension and/or dismissal of an employee.  Consideration will be given to ensure due process has been followed.
  3. The perpetrator(s) of bullying and harassment may be required to attend counseling.  Programs may be made available for the victim/harasser through utilization of community programs or resources.
  4. Where possible or practical, the Board may provide an alternate work setting if working together is found to be intolerable.  Consideration would be given only during circumstances where investigation/hearing is prolonged.
  5. Any person who registers a complaint which is found to be malicious shall be subject to disciplinary actions up to, and including, expulsion or dismissal.

Annual Review:

This policy statement will be reviewed every year.  All workers will be provided with a copy.

School District No. 60 (Peace River North)
Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Reporting Procedures (Non-Union Personnel)

1.   How to report

Workers at School District No. 60 can report incidents or complaints of workplace bullying and harassment verbally or in writing.  When submitting a written complaint, please use the workplace bullying and harassment complaint form.  When reporting verbally, the reporting contact, along with the complainant, will fill out the complaint form.

2.   When to report

Incidents or complaints should be reported as soon as possible after experiencing or witnessing an incident.  This allows the incident to be investigated and addressed promptly.

3.   Reporting contact

Report any incidents or complaints to your administrator/supervisor, Human Resources Officer or Director of Instruction Human Resources.

4.   Alternate reporting contact

If the complainant’s administrator/supervisor, or the reporting contact named in Step 3 is the person engaging in bullying and harassing behaviour, contact the Superintendent of School or the Secretary-Treasurer.

5.   What to include in a report

Provide as much information as possible in the report, such as the names of people involved, witnesses, where the events occurred, when they occurred, and what behaviour and/or words led to the complaint. Attach any supporting documents, such as emails, handwritten notes, or photographs. Physical evidence, such as vandalized personal belongings, can also be submitted.

6.   Annual review

These reporting procedures will be reviewed on an annual basis. All workers will be provided with a copy.

Date createdAnnual review date

School District No. 60

Workplace Bullying and Harassment Complaint Form

Name and contact information of complainant
Name of alleged bully or bullies

Personal statement

Please describe in as much detail as possible the bullying and harassment incident(s), including:

•      the names of the parties involved

•      any witnesses to the incident(s)

•      the location, date, and time of the incident(s)

•      details about the incident(s) (behaviour and/or words used)

•      any additional details that would help with an investigation

Attach any supporting documents, such as emails, handwritten notes, or photographs. Physical evidence, such as vandalized personal belongings, can also be submitted.


School District No. 60 (Peace River North)
Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Investigation Procedures

1.   How and when investigations will be conducted

Most investigations at School District No. 60 will be conducted internally.  In complex or sensitive situations, an external investigator might be hired.

Investigations will:

•      be undertaken promptly and diligently, and be as thorough as necessary, given the circumstances

•      be fair and impartial, providing both the complainant and respondent equal treatment
in evaluating the allegations

•      be sensitive to the interests of all parties involved, and maintain confidentiality

•      be focused on finding facts and evidence, including interviews of the complainant, respondent, and any witnesses

•      incorporate, where appropriate, any need or request from the complainant or respondent
for assistance during the investigation process

2.   What will be included

Investigations will include interviews with the alleged target, the alleged bully, and any witnesses.  If the alleged target and the alleged bully agree on what happened, then School District No. 60 will not investigate any further, and will determine what corrective action to take, if necessary.

The investigator will also review any evidence, such as emails, handwritten notes, photographs, or physical evidence like vandalized objects.

3.   Roles and responsibilities

The Superintendent of Schools is responsible for ensuring workplace investigation procedures are followed.

Workers are expected to cooperate with investigators and provide any details of incidents they have experienced or witnessed.

The Director of Instruction Human Resources will conduct investigations and provide a written report with conclusions to the Superintendent of Schools.

If external investigators are hired, they will conduct investigations and provide a written report with conclusions to the Superintendent of Schools.

4.   Follow-up

The alleged bully and alleged target will be advised of the investigation findings by the Director of Instruction Human Resources.

Following an investigation, the Director of Instruction Human Resources will review and revise workplace procedures to prevent any future bullying and harassment incidents in the workplace.  Appropriate corrective actions will be taken within a reasonable time frame.

In appropriate circumstances, workers may be referred to the employee assistance program
or be encouraged to seek medical advice.

5.   Record-keeping requirements

School District No. 60 expects that workers will keep written accounts of incidents to submit
with any complaints.  School District No. 60 will keep a written record of investigations, including the findings.

6.   Annual review

These procedures will be reviewed annually.  All workers will be provided with a copy as soon as they are hired, and copies will be available at the Board Office.

Date createdAnnual review date