4015 Employee Records

POLICY NO.     4015                                                                 DATE APPROVED:  1996-06


Employee records shall be maintained in accordance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.


Personal information may only be obtained as authorized by the Act and used for the specific purpose for which it is gathered.  An employee shall have access to all personal information which the District holds about him/herself according to these Regulations.


1.         The employee record consists of all personal information collected or maintained by the District pertaining to the employee.  The employee file shall be maintained by the Secretary-Treasurer’s Office (non-teaching) or Superintendent’s Office (teaching), but employee records may exist in other locations, as outlined in the District’s list of Personal Information Banks.

2.         Access to an employee’s personal information can be gained during normal business hours upon appointment with the Payroll Officer (non-teaching) or Secretary to Superintendent of Schools (teaching).  An employee’s personal information is available to:

a)         the employee, in the presence of designated staff;

b)         other parties, such as legal counsel of the employee with the specific written consent of the employee;

c)         an employee’s supervisor (on an “as-needed” basis).

3.         Confidentiality must be protected by each employee who is authorized to have access to the personal information of other employees.

Removal or Correction of Employee Record Entries

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act gives employees the right to request that personal information on file be removed or corrected.  This procedure is not intended to be in conflict with, or supersede, an employee’s rights outlined in a collective agreement.

Under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act:

1.         To correct an inaccuracy in an employee’s record, an employee may request correction through the Secretary-Treasurer (non-teaching) or Superintendent of Schools (teaching).

2.         If the request is complied with, no record of the request should be retained in the employee file.

3.         If the request is denied, the employee shall be informed.  A record of the request and of the decision should be filed in the employee file with a copy forwarded to the Information and Privacy Coordinator.  The employee should be informed of his/her right to make a formal written request under the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

Retention of Records

Employee records shall be maintained for the periods outlined in Board Policy and Regulations.

Revised: 2011-10