4004 Administrative Officers-Recruitment and Selection Process

POLICY NO.: 4004
DATE APPROVED:   1991-01


The recruitment and selection of Administrative Officers is a responsibility delegated to the Superintendent of Schools by the Board.



While it is the Superintendent of School’s responsibility to recommend administrative appointments to the Board, the recruitment and selection of administrative officers may be accomplished by striking a District Selection Committee or by the Superintendent of Schools making recommendations directly to the Board, or a combination of both processes.  When a District Selection Committee is struck, trustees and district staff will be responsible for the identification, interviewing and selection of appropriate candidates for the Administrative Officer positions that become available

District Selection Committee Membership

When a District Selection Committee is used, membership on that committee will normally include:

a)         The Superintendent’s office (i.e. the Superintendent and/or the Assistant Superintendent);

b)         The Chairperson of the Personnel Committee;

c)         The Chairperson of the Education Committee or his/her delegate;

d)         The Secretary-Treasurer or his/her delegate; and

e)         Resource people (Administrative Officers, Parent Advisory Council representatives, etc.), as required.

When both a principal and vice-principal for the same school are to be selected, the principal will be selected first.  When a vice-principal is to be selected, the principal of the school will sit as a non-voting member of the selection committee.

Revised: 2000-05, 2011-10