1009 Trustee Resources – Home Office

POLICY NO.:    1009                                         DATE APPROVED:       12-08-08

SUBJECT:        Trustee Resources – Home Office     


The Board recognizes that all Trustees must maintain an office in their home and assigns specific resources to effectively assist them in carrying out their duties.



1.   The District will purchase a computer for each Trustee.  Additional personal software will be at the expense of the Trustee.

2.   Trustees who do not remain on the Board upon leaving their post, may choose to purchase the computer from the District at market value.

3.   At the end of 4 years, Trustees may choose to relinquish any claim on the computer or purchase it at market value.  If Trustees relinquish claim and there were personal upgrades purchased, there will be no reimbursement for these upgrades.

4.   Replacement will not generally be appropriate within the 4 year amortization.  When equipment is identified for replacement, Trustees may wish to purchase the original equipment at market value. Trustees are encouraged to maximize the length of use of their individual equipment.

Technology Reimbursement

  1. The District will compensate each Trustee in the amount of $85.00 per month for use of their personal cell phone and home internet expenses.

Revised: 2012-06, 2014-12, 2019-03