1003 School Board – Delegations

POLICY NO.:                1003                                         DATE APPROVED:     1998-12-09

 SUBJECT:                    School Board Meetings– Delegations


 The public may address the Board, in accordance with the attached Regulations.


 1.         Where a member of the public knows in advance he/she wishes to address the Board, a request in writing should be made to the Secretary-Treasurer one week in advance of the Board Meeting.  The request must indicate the subject of the presentation and, if possible, include a copy of any handouts that are intended for distribution at the Board Meeting.

 2.         In the case of time constraints or where there is no opportunity to provide the Board with advance notice, the Board will consider adding the item to the agenda.  The Board Chair will consider such factors as time, agenda, and the urgency of the proposed request in making a determination to add the item to the agenda.

 3.         Presentations will be limited to a maximum of 10 minutes unless, due to the nature of the presentation, more time is allotted on the agenda.

 4.         There shall be no undue interruption of any presentation, except by the Board Chair to advise of time limitations or if the presentation is out of order.

 5.         On conclusion of the presentation, the Board or its officials may ask questions for clarification of aspects of the presentation.