• 7016 Energy and Sustainable Conservation

    SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. 60 (Peace River North) POLICY NO.:    7016                                                DATE APPROVED: 02/25/19  SUBJECT:       Energy and Sustainable Conservation _____________________________________________________________________________ POLICY: The Board of Education will ensure that every reasonable effort is made to conserve energy and natural resources, by fostering a culture of sustainability and environmental stewardship, through education, equipment upgrades, facility upgrades and […]

  • 7015 Transportation of Equipment

    POLICY NO.:   7015                             DATE APPROVED:        1987-11 SUBJECT:                    – Transportation of Equipment Policy: To ensure the safety of students and staff members, equipment will be transported on buses in accordance with the attached regulations. Regulations: 1.              REGULAR RUNS The following items may be carried on buses on regular runs if these items are required for school […]

  • 7014 Transportation-Independent Contractors/Contract Drivers/Operating Costs

    POLICY NO.:    7014                    DATE APPROVED:        04-10-2008 SUBJECT:        Transportation-Independent Contractors/Contract Drivers/Operating Costs Policy: The Board will clarify the roles, responsibilities and contract rates between the Board and the contractors who provide contracted school bus transportation services to the school district. Regulations: 1. Contractors will not be permitted to sell their bus contracts, in whole or in […]

  • 7013 Surplus Assets

    POLICY NO.:      7013              DATE APPROVED:        1993-05 SUBJECT:                    Surplus Assets Policy The Board will dispose of surplus assets in a fair and consistent manner. Regulations a)         Subject to the School Act, assets and supplies surplus to requirements may be disposed of without incurring costs for sale or storage. b)         In general, surplus assets and supplies shall be […]

  • 7011 School Facilities and Equipment

    POLICY NO.:                7011        DATE APPROVED:        2002-02 SUBJECT:                    School Facilities and Equipment Policy The Board encourages the use of school facilities by responsible individuals or groups, furthering the educational, civic, recreational, or cultural interests of the community. Regulations: All non-school groups are required to provide proof of Group Liability Insurance to the school. Persons using the […]

  • 7010 Project Planning by Schools/Departments when Support from Board required

    POLICY NUMBER:  7010         DATE APPROVED:  1996-10 SUBJECT:        Project Planning by Schools/Departments when Support from Board required Policy Schools/Departments are to involve the Board in the initial planning process of any project that the Board will be asked to support either financially and/or through the use of district manpower or projects in which the School District […]

  • 7007.1 Facilities-Murals-Exterior Walls

    POLICY NO.:    7007.1        DATE APPROVED: 09-08-08      SUBJECT:        Facilities – Murals – Exterior Walls      Policy The Board encourages the use of exterior walls of schools to display murals done by the District’s students and staff.  With permission of the school/site supervisor, persons outside of the district; may also participate in these projects.  All projects must be […]

  • 7005 Facilities-Employee Access to district Facilities

    POLICY NO.: 7005                DATE APPROVED:        2001-12-12 SUBJECT: Facilities -Employee Access to District Facilities Policy:  It is the policy of the Board to determine the hours during which District facilities are available for staff to access. Regulations: School District No. 60 buildings will be available to staff from the hours of 6:00 a.m. 11:00 p.m during the instructional […]

  • 7004 Transportation Safety

    POLICY NO.:               7004                DATE APPROVED:      1982-06 SUBJECT:                    Transportation Safety POLICY To provide a level of safety for students and other riders, schools will remain open and, where conditions permit, bus services will be maintained. REGULATIONS 1.  Where unforeseen circumstances arise, the Transportation Supervisor or designate, in consultation with the bus driver, shall assess the situation […]

  • 7003.1 Busing – Students with Special Needs

    POLICY NO.: 7003.1              DATE APPROVED:        1993-10  SUBJECT:                    Busing- Students with Special Needs Policy It is the policy of the Board to provide, where practical and appropriate, bus service for students with special needs.  Regulations TRANSPORTATION OF STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Via the Bus for Students with Special Needs Students with special needs in town and within […]