• 5015 Safe Schools – Application of Section 177 School Act

    POLICY NO.: 5015                                       DATE APPROVED:   08/29/2016 SUBJECT:                 Safe Schools – Application of Section 177 School Act Policy The Board of School Trustees for School district No. 60 recognizes the requirement for district schools to provide stable, safe and secure environments in which students and staff may work and learn, and the responsibility of principals […]

  • 5014 Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings

    POLICY NO.:               5014                                          DATE APPROVED:      March 15, 2016 SUBJECT:                    Physical Restraint and Seclusion in School Settings Schools must follow mandated guidelines with regards to the use of seclusion and physical restraint. Regulations Physical restraint and […]

  • 5006.1 Level II First Aid

    POLICY NO.:                5006.1                          DATE APPROVED:       2000-12-13  SUBJECT:                    Level II First Aid  Policy  Where the District determines it requires a Level II attendant at any of its Schools or locations, a maximum of three Designated First Aid Attendants will receive an allowance of $100.00 per month.

  • 5013 Back-up Warning Devices for District Vehicles

    POLICY NO.:  5013         DATE APPROVED:  1990-05  SUBJECT:    Back-up Warning Devices for District Vehicles  Policy  It is the policy of the Board that certain classifications of vehicles will be equipped with audible back-up warning devices.  Regulations:  The following classifications of vehicles owned or leased by School District No. 60, shall be equipped with audible back-up warning […]

  • 5012 Universal Precautions

    POLICY NO.:  5012           DATE APPROVED:   1993-05 SUBJECT:        Universal Precautions Policy All school staff and students shall exercise the precautions in order to reduce the risk of transmitting disease through spilled body fluids or hypodermic needles and syringes. Regulations: The following Regulations apply to ALL persons potentially exposed to body fluids.  No distinction is made between […]

  • 5011 Emergency Situations – On-Site Vehicle

    POLICY NO.:          5011       DATE APPROVED:  1994-04 SUBJECT:              Emergency Situations – On-Site Vehicle Policy Administrative Officers are required to have a vehicle on-site at all times to provide for an emergency situation. Revised: 2011-11

  • 5010 Impairing Substances

    POLICY NO.:  5010                                                      DATE APPROVED: 1994-10 SUBJECT:       Impairing Substances Policy Employees, contractors, and Volunteers shall not be under the influence of or in possession of impairing substances while students are under […]

  • 5009 Laser Pointers

    POLICY NO.:   5009                DATE APPROVED: 1999-12  SUBJECT:                    Laser Pointers                         Policy Laser pointers may be used as a teaching tool, in accordance with the attached Regulations.  Regulations:  1.         Laser pointers must be kept within the classroom setting.  (Possession of a laser pointer by a student outside the classroom setting should be treated as possession of a weapon and […]

  • 5008 Head Lice

    POLICY NO.:  5008                             DATE APPROVED: 1999-09 SUBJECT:                    Head Lice Policy Schools must be proactive in implementing procedures to contain the spread of head lice. Regulations: Head Lice, or pediculoisis, can be a very difficult organism to eradicate.  Even when precautions are taken, outbreaks of head lice can occur.  When steps are not taken immediately to treat […]

  • 5007 District Health and Safety Committee

    POLICY NO.  5007                   DATE APPROVED:2001-09  SUBJECT:        District Health and Safety Committee Policy A District Health and Safety Committee shall be established. Regulations: 1.         The District Health and Safety Committee will consist of persons representing all worker groups:  _        Two (2) individuals from CUPE Local 4653 _        Two (2) individuals from Peace River North Teachers’ Association. […]