• 4017 Administrative Officers – Medical/Worksafe BC

    Policy The Board will establish regulations regarding medical and associated Worksafe BC issues affecting Administrative Officers. Regulations Medical Where an Administrative Officer suffers from a disease or illness, or incurs personal injury (which disease, illness or injury is hereinafter called the “disability”), he/she is entitled to use his/her sick leave credits for time lost, during […]

  • 4034 Definitions

    POLICY NO.:               4034                                        DATE APPROVED:      1988-04 SUBJECT:                    Definitions Relative Relative will be grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse, including common-law spouse, child/stepchild, grandchild, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, son-in-law, daughter-in-law, or a family member living in the same household. Immediate Family Immediate Family will be mother, father, sister, brother, child/stepchild, and spouse, including common-law spouse.

  • 4016 Employee Conduct – Dealing with Students

    POLICY NUMBER:  4016                                       DATE APPROVED:  1995-06-14 SUBJECT:        EMPLOYEE CONDUCT – Dealing with Students Policy The Board will support employees in their efforts to maintain a stable, safe and secure environment and to deal with student behaviour which is unacceptable, with the expectation that consequences are to be applied in a fair and non-physical manner, in compliance […]

  • 4024 Teachers – Early Retirement Incentive Payment

    POLICY NO.:     4024                                DATE APPROVED:    1992-06 SUBJECT:                                Teachers – Early Retirement Incentive Payment Policy In accordance with the attached regulations, the Board will pay an allowance to teachers who resign from the school district and retire from teaching before reaching age sixty five (65). REGULATIONS: On an annual basis, the Board will establish a budget […]

  • 4031 Teachers – Sick Leave Credit

    POLICY NO.:  4031                                                                  DATE APPROVED:  1970-11  SUBJECT:        Teachers                         – Sick Leave Credit Policy The Board of Education for School District #60 (Peace River North) is prepared to award a sick leave credit to a new teacher once she/he has been hired in keeping with the guidelines included in the attached regulations. REGULATIONS: 1.         Each […]

  • 4033 Teachers On-Call – Non-Certified

    POLICY NO.:  4033                                                                  DATE APPROVED:  1985-06  SUBJECT:        Teachers On-Call                         – Non-Certified Non-Certified teachers will be paid at 85% of the following:            1 / 250 of the lowest step on category four (4) of the current Teachers Salary Grid. NOTE:  The above calculations to include vacation allowance and all other statutory holidays and sick […]

  • 4028 Teachers-Professional Development Committee

    POLICY NO.:  4028                                                                  DATE APPROVED:  1986-05 SUBJECT:        Teachers                         – Professional Development Committee Defined as educational activities related to teacher development that occur after certification.            Substitutes and teacher training programs            Visitations (to classes, schools, district)            Summer school, short courses, etc.  Out-Of-District.            Workshops (day-week), local and out-of -District            Speakers (District and […]

  • 4001 Acceptable Internet Use

    POLICY NO.:             4001                                      DATE APPROVED:    SUBJECT:                 Acceptable Internet Use Policy The Board recognizes the educational opportunities provided through the use of the Internet and related technologies.  Students and Staff are to use the Internet resources provided to them in a secure and ethical manner that enables and enhances educational opportunities. REGULATIONS Acceptable Use 1.         Schools […]

  • 4029 Teachers-Moving Allowance/Temporary Accommodation

    POLICY NO.:                4029                                        DATE APPROVED:      2000-04-12 SUBJECT:                   Teachers  Moving Allowance / Temporary Accommodation Policy The Board will offer new teachers to the district financial assistance to help with moving and initial accommodations as defined through the accompanying regulations. Regulations Moving Allowance Teachers appointed to this School District will be paid a moving allowance, on request, […]

  • 4027 Teacher Leaves

    POLICY NO.: 4027                                                        DATE APPROVED:       1978-2001 Policy  The Board will consider the approval of leaves to teachers by principals and or the superintendent or his/her designate for special circumstances according to the guidelines outlined within this policy and it’s regulations. Regulations:  A)         Short Term Leaves:  1) Leave “with” pay.  A paid leave of ½ day or […]