• 1000.1 Policy Development, Evaluation & Deletion

    Adopted:          04/20/20 Revised: Reviewed: Reference: Policy The Board of Education’s primary role is to establish and review policy that will provide direction to staff and support the Board’s mission. Guidelines/Principles: Any existing or new policy will adhere to the requirements of the School Act or any other applicable legislation; Each policy will conform to […]

  • 1011 Finance & Audit Committee

    POLICY NO.:            1011                                     DATE APPROVED:     April 30, 2018 SUBJECT:                Finance & Audit Committee Policy The Board of Education requires a Finance & Audit Committee to provide advice and recommendations related to the Board’s oversight of the […]

  • 1010 Code of Ethics

    Policy This Policy will establish a Code of Ethics for Trustees. R E G U L A T I O N S It is recognized that Trustees: have been entrusted  with the educational development of the children and youth of this community; first and greatest concern to be in the best interest of each and […]

  • 1009 Trustee Resources – Home Office

    POLICY NO.:    1009                                         DATE APPROVED:       12-08-08 SUBJECT:        Trustee Resources – Home Office      Policy The Board recognizes that all Trustees must maintain an office in their home and assigns specific resources to effectively assist them in carrying out their duties. REGULATIONS: Computer 1.   The District will purchase a computer for each Trustee.  Additional personal software will […]

  • 1008 Trustee Indemnity

    POLICY NO.:                1008                             DATE APPROVED:       2000-03-08 SUBJECT:                    Trustee Indemnity Trustees of School District No. 60 (Peace River North) shall be paid the annual trustee indemnity as provided in the School Act and its Regulations. If a Trustee resigns or is not re-elected at the expiry of his term, the Trustee shall reimburse the Board on […]

  • 1007 Equity

    POLICY NO.:                1007                                         DATE APPROVED:     1995-11-22 SUBJECT:                    Equity Policy The Board recognizes the diversity of its district students, staff and community members and will be sensitive to and endeavor to ensure equity for all individuals.

  • 1006 Trustee Representation

    POLICY NO.:                1006                                         DATE APPROVED:     1989-04  SUBJECT:                    Trustee Representation  Seven (7) members shall comprise the Board of Education as follows:.  Zone I                                                  One (1) Trustee shall be elected  Zone II                                                 One (1) Trustee shall be elected  Zone III                                                            One (1) Trustee shall be elected  Zone IV                                                One (1) Trustee shall be elected  Zone V                                     […]

  • 1005 Zonal Boundaries of SD No. 60 (PRN)

    POLICY NO.:                1005                             DATE APPROVED: 1989-02  SUBJECT:                    Zonal Boundaries within School District No. 60 (Peace River North)  Zonal boundaries within School District No. 60 (Peace River North) shall be in accordance with the Regulations to this Policy as reported in Ministerial Order No. 273/96 dated July 11, 1996.  REGULATIONS Zone I – That area: Bounded […]

  • 1004 Boundaries of SD No. 60 (PRN)

    POLICY NO.:                1004                             DATE APPROVED:       1989-03 SUBJECT:                    Boundaries of School District No. 60 (Peace River North) The boundaries of School District No. 60 (Peace River North) shall be in accordance with the regulations to this policy as reported in order in council No. 3967 dated November 2, 1971. REGULATIONS Boundaries of School District No. 60 […]

  • 1003 School Board – Delegations

    POLICY NO.:                1003                                         DATE APPROVED:     1998-12-09  SUBJECT:                    School Board Meetings– Delegations  Policy  The public may address the Board, in accordance with the attached Regulations.  REGULATIONS  1.         Where a member of the public knows in advance he/she wishes to address the Board, a request in writing should be made to the Secretary-Treasurer one week in advance […]