8005 Purchasing Procedures Protocol – Technology

POLICY NO.:    8005                                         DATE APPROVED:       1999-03-10

 SUBJECT:        Purchasing Procedures Protocol – Technology


The Board of Trustees requires that technology purchases be done in the most economical and expeditious manner possible, at the lowest available cost for the quality of the product or service required, while maintaining relationships with suppliers on a fair and ethical basis.



The costs associated with the implementation of technology are such that appropriate planning must be done both at the school and district level.  To ensure that school plans and purchases are consistent with the parameters established in the District’s Plan, schools will consult with the Administrator of Technology.


When purchasing technology, there is a need to ensure that:

a)         appropriate planning is done;

b)         all activities related to purchasing technology are undertaken in a visibly fair, ethical and prudent manner;

c)         the consultation necessary to ensure that the needs of individual schools/departments and the interdependent needs of the district are met while at the same time maximizing the District’s ability to provide the necessary support; and

Purchasing Process

Schools/departments planning changes particularly with respect to networked hardware and software, will consult with the Administrator of Technology during their planning process.  Consultation should include but not be limited to, the standards of hardware and software, which are intended to support school programs in a networked situation.

As part of his role, the Administrator of Technology will, on behalf of the District, recommend certain products or otherwise establish parameters for the purchase of technology.  All purchases will be done by the Technology Department.

Equipment purchases in the District will be standardized as much as practical in all areas.


1.         Microcomputer purchases in School District No. 60 will be based on the program (curriculum) being used.  All hardware purchases will be completed through consultation with the Technology Department.

2.         The Technology Department will assist in the purchase all technology products or otherwise establish parameters for the purchase of hardware and software.