8003 Curricular/Co-Curricular/Extra-Curricular Activities Fundraising

Policy No. 8003                         Date Approved:  1996-09-25

Subject: Fundraising


Fundraising projects to ensure an active extra-curricular programme and for the enhancement of curricular programmes must meet the criteria outlined in the Regulations.


1.         Fundraising projects must have prior approval of the School Principal.

2.         The Board encourages Schools and PAC’s to seek environmentally appropriate fundraising endeavours.

3.         Generally fundraising projects involving changes to school district property or structures must have prior approval of the Plant Superintendent/Maintenance Supervisor.  Major projects may require Board approval.

Specifications for the Sale of Advertising for Fundraising Purposes

Advertising must be of the size and shape as set out by the Principal/Supervisor of the location involved an meets building/fire codes.