8002 Boarding Allowance

POLICY NO.:                8002                             DATE APPROVED:       1999-11-10

SUBJECT:                    Boarding Allowance

The Board recognizes that school-age children are entitled to access educational programs in School District No. 60 and that a boarding residence may need to be considered.



Application forms are available at the School Board Office.

Upon application, and approval, boarding allowance will be paid to the owner of a boarding residence.

A monthly claim form must be submitted.


Eligibility is determined by location of the residence in respect to the closest bus stop or school.

If a school bus serving such a facility operates within 16 kilometers of the student’s residence, the appropriate education facility shall be deemed to be available.

For students who have educational facilities at their grade level in their communities, boarding allowance may be approved only under very exceptional circumstances.


Payment is payable in arrears to the owner of the boarding residence in an amount of $350.00 (effective September 1, 2003) per month per student in respect of approved applications.  Parents must board their children within walking distance of the school attended, boarding allowance being an alternate only to transportation allowance and school bus transportation.

Retroactive Payment:

Retroactive payment is limited to September 1st or January 1st of the school year in which claim.

Revised: 10-21-2013