7015 Transportation of Equipment

POLICY NO.:   7015                             DATE APPROVED:        1987-11

SUBJECT:                    – Transportation of Equipment


To ensure the safety of students and staff members, equipment will be transported on buses in accordance with the attached regulations.


1.              REGULAR RUNS

The following items may be carried on buses on regular runs if these items are required for school or organized activities after school.

a)              Hockey Sticks, Curling Brooms

Hockey sticks and curling brooms must be stowed in such a manner that they cannot dislodge and become airborne in case of an impact.  The driver shall make sure that they are stowed properly.

b)              Skates

Skates must have guards and be carried in a sturdy, closeable bag and be stowed under the owner’s seat.  Paper bags, plastic shopping bags or boxes or any kind will not be accepted as containers for skates.

c)              Small Musical Instruments

Small musical instruments must be carried in the manufacturer’s case or in a suitable bag made from strong material.  The instrument should be securely held in the owner’s lap and must at no time be placed on an empty seat.  Instruments shall not be taken out of their covers while in the bus.

d)              Other Items

Equipment for campouts will be carried, subject to field trip rules, on a room-available basis.

The following items will not be allowed on regular runs:

Firearms of any description

  • Ski’s and poles, sleights or toboggans
  • Furniture or other large items built in school shops
  • Large musical instruments that cannot be held in the owner’s lap
  • Any equipment unrelated to school activities or organized activities after school

2.              FIELD TRIPS

a)              Large Musical Instruments

Large musical instruments will be transported where practical by the District’s Cube Van.

b)              Overnight Camping Equipment

May be carried on the bus if stowed as above.  Iron grills and other heavy objects and objects with sharp corners or points, are not allowed.

Acceptable items shall be stowed in the seats closest to the front of the bus, preferable on the right side.  The aisle must be kept clear at all times.  No equipment of any kind may be stowed on or between seats by an emergency window.

No passenger shall sit in front of , beside, or in any seats that have equipment or luggage stowed in them.

c)              Other Items

Application to carry items not covered in these regulations must be made to the Transportation Supervisor; not to the bus driver.

If the equipment that is normally allowed on the bus cannot be stowed due to shortage of room or luggage compartments, a separate vehicle must be used to transport the equipment.

Revised: 04-2008, 01-2013