7013 Surplus Assets

POLICY NO.:      7013              DATE APPROVED:        1993-05

SUBJECT:                    Surplus Assets


The Board will dispose of surplus assets in a fair and consistent manner.


a)         Subject to the School Act, assets and supplies surplus to requirements may be disposed of without incurring costs for sale or storage.

b)         In general, surplus assets and supplies shall be sold publicly or, if valueless, shall be scrapped.

c)         Principals or Supervisors may determine if an asset is surplus and the means of disposal. This may require consultation with the Secretary Treasurers office.

d)         Declaration of any land and building as being surplus shall be made by the Board.

An asset may be declared surplus if:

*1.        As a result of changing curriculum, Regulations, or School District Policy, it is no longer required for use in District schools.

*2.        Because of age or technological advances, it no longer meets educational specifications.

*3.        After a standardization program has been implemented, it is of a type that is not compatible with other units in use.

4.         The condition of the asset is such that the cost of repair is not warranted and/or because of an increasing incidence of lost time for repairs, the decision is made to replace it.  All items of this nature should be inspected by the Maintenance Department.

* As designated by the Superintendent’s Office.

Revised: 04-10-2008, 01-21-2013