7011 School Facilities and Equipment

POLICY NO.:                7011        DATE APPROVED:        2002-02

SUBJECT:                    School Facilities and Equipment


The Board encourages the use of school facilities by responsible individuals or groups, furthering the educational, civic, recreational, or cultural interests of the community.


All non-school groups are required to provide proof of Group Liability Insurance to the school.

Persons using the facilities will be classified in the following three groups.

Group A
 Educational organizations such as classes, clubs, and athletic teams will be allowed free use of any school facilities.
Group B
 School groups sponsoring activities to which the general public pays admission and non-profit organizations which promote sportsmanship and good citizenship in our community, or whose aim is in some way to improve the city or district, will be allowed free use of any school facilities, provided that no additional expenses are incurred.  In the event that additional costs are incurred, the organization concerned will be responsible for these costs.


Organizations such as parent-teacher organizations, School District employee organizations, 4-H clubs, Scouts and Cubs, Girl Guides, Brownies, Cadets, Night School classes and similar organizations.

Note:    Any group or organization in which the instructor, leader, or coach receives remuneration for their services will be excluded from Group B and is subject to rental fees under Group C.

Group C
 Persons renting on a commercial or private basis or not included in Group A or B.

Rentals:            For this group, rentals will be set according to the circumstances.

Prospective tenants are asked to take particular note of the following conditions of rental:

a)         Facilities will be available only to properly organized groups or responsible groups in the process of organizing.

b)         Facilities are not available for political, religious or Non School District Employee Union Meetings, except where no other rentable facilities are available.

c)         School facilities will not be rented for church or Sunday School purposes except in rural areas, where no other community center is available.

d)         Schools are not available to any group for public dances or jamborees, except at the discretion of the Board of School Trustees.


2.         a)         School equipment such as chairs, projection equipment, sports equipment, etc., may not be used by any outside group without the express permission of the Principal or the Secretary-Treasurer or his/her designate.

b)         School Principals may authorize the loan of equipment to another school by regulations set out by the Board of School Trustees and said regulations form part of this Policy.

c)         The Board does not compete with private halls, gymnasiums, and the like.  Where such facilities are available, the Board may refuse to lease to any groups except non-profit or charitable organizations.

3.         The recreational programs sponsored by the City Recreation Department, the Regional District and/or other local governments may make use of School District playgrounds after appropriate advance planning with the District Staff.

4.         In exceptional circumstances, the Board of School Trustees retains the right to vary policy.

5.         All requests for use of school facilities must be made on an Application for Rental of School Facilities form to the Principal of the School concerned

6.         The group using school facilities will be responsible for the following:

a)         Cleaning up the facilities used.

b)         Policing the facilities used and ensuring that the members of their group remain in the area rented only, the balance of the school being out of bounds to the members of the group

c)         Ensuring that no liquor is consumed on School District premises unless it is permitted by special approval of the Board.  Before the Board will consider granting permission to serve alcohol on school property, proof of User Group Liability Insurance coverage is required.

d)         Ensuring that all equipment approved for use of the group is returned to its rightful place.

e)         Agreeing to pay any damage to school property caused by use of the facility by their group.

7.         Rates for Group C tenants shall be determined by the Principal/Supervisor through consultations with the Secretary Treasurers office.