7003.1 Busing – Students with Special Needs

POLICY NO.: 7003.1              DATE APPROVED:        1993-10

 SUBJECT:                    Busing- Students with Special Needs


It is the policy of the Board to provide, where practical and appropriate, bus service for students with special needs. 



Via the Bus for Students with Special Needs

Students with special needs in town and within a 5 kilometer radius of downtown Fort St. John, may be transported via the school bus for students with special needs, provided that the equipment and time are available.  It is desirable that this bus not be on the road more than one hour before delivery at school and one hour after pick-up at school.

The specially equipped bus may include the services of an Educational Assistant I and/or Educational Assistant II.  Students with special needs shall not be left unattended while riding the bus.

It is expected that parents are responsible for having their child ready when the bus arrives and for assisting their child in boarding the bus.  They must ensure that a responsible person meets the bus after school.  If no responsible adult is in attendance when the student arrives home after school, then the student will be returned to the school and parents will be responsible for picking the student up at the school.  Parents may be required to assist with any extra costs resulting from no one being available when the student was returned home.

Parents are expected to notify the Transportation Department at least 30 minutes before normal bus times if the student is not attending school that day.

Parents are expected to maintain their driveways and walkways in safe conditions at all times, including prompt removal of snow in winter.