6002 Donations-Parents/Community/Corporate Sponsorships

Donations-Parents/Community /Corporate Sponsorships

POLICY NO.:    6002                            DATE APPROVED:        October 14, 2008

 The Board of Education for S.D. 60 welcomes and encourages support from parents, the community and corporate sponsors in the form of donations of equipment and funds to assist schools in the district to support teaching and learning.


All donations made to the district or a school is to be presented to the Secretary Treasurer or Superintendent if the donation is directed to the district in general and to the principal of the school should a donation be designated as going to a particular school.

 Should a donation warrant the issuing of a tax receipt to the donor then such donations are to be directed to the Secretary Treasurer or his/her designate.

 All donations of funds and or materials become the property of the district and therefore should such items require maintenance or further distribution, for whatever reason, all such decisions will become the responsibly of the Secretary Treasurer or Superintendent.

 Donations involving installation of equipment (e.g. playground) must be under the consultation and supervision of the Plant Superintendant or Maintenance Supervisor.