5006 Health and Safety

POLICY NO.:  5006                   DATE APPROVED:1989-06

SUBJECT:        Health and Safety


The Board will maintain safe and healthy working conditions and operating practices for its employees, students, and the general public and will ensure that its practices and procedures conform to applicable occupational health and safety legislation.


1.         The Superintendent of Schools and the Secretary-Treasurer are responsible for the implementation and continuation of an effective safety program in the School District.  They delegate this responsibility for implementation of the program as follows:

a)         The school principals for implementation of the safety program in their respective schools.

b)         The District Principal – Technology Services, the Director of Student Support Services and the Principal – Northern BC Distance Education School for implementation of the safety program in their respective departments.

c)         The Maintenance Supervisor, Transportation Supervisor, for the implementation of the safety program in their respective departments. Supervisors will also ensure that their staff is trained in proper work procedures to obtain optimum output without accidents or health risks to the employee or to others, and that such training is recorded.

d)         Teachers for the safe conduct of all activities under their control.

e)         Employees are required to know and observe safety rules and procedures and to make effective use of safety practices and equipment in the performance of their work.

2.         Regulations, guidelines and policies of WorkSafeBC will be available via the Web Site www.worksafebc.com.

3.         An “Employee Safety Handbook”, which outlines safety rules and guidelines and promotes an accident-free environment, will be available in each work location.  A copy of this Booklet will also be provided to all new employees.

Revised: 2011-11