4028 Teachers-Professional Development Committee

POLICY NO.:  4028                                                                  DATE APPROVED:  1986-05

SUBJECT:        Teachers

                        – Professional Development Committee

Defined as educational activities related to teacher development that occur after certification.

           Substitutes and teacher training programs

           Visitations (to classes, schools, district)

           Summer school, short courses, etc.  Out-Of-District.

           Workshops (day-week), local and out-of -District

           Speakers (District and for individual schools).

           Extension courses (University) (within District).

           Travel (out-of-District and within)

Broadly speaking, Professional Development includes all activities that teachers engage in during their services, designed to contribute to their improvement and effectiveness on their assignment.

Education in-service, training in-service, growth activities while in service, staff development, and professional growth are all terms used frequently and often interchangeably when referring to the continuing educational activities of professional school personnel.

The PRNTA policy for Pro-D as revised from time to time will serve as regulations for this policy.


The PRNTA Professional Development Committee believes in the continued professional growth of teachers.

This will be accomplished by addressing the following priorities:

1.         Providing opportunities for individuals to engage in professional growth.

2.         Supporting the formation and development of Local Specialist Associations.

3.         Supporting district and school-based Professional Development activities through professional development networks and training.



            A1        This Committee operates in accordance with PRNTA Policy and the School District No. 60 Collective Agreement.

            A2        The Professional Development Committee shall consist of the elected officers and one representative from each school.  This committee shall be known as the Professional Development Committee and will meet regularly to address professional development matters.

            A3        There will be four Executive members elected by the PRNTA.  So that there may be some continuity on the Committee, Executive members will be elected for two year terms; two Executive members shall be elected at each AGM of the PRNTA.  The Chairperson will be selected internally by the Executive.

            A4        School representatives shall be elected in June or September by the school staff.

            A5        Sub-committees may be founded at the discretion of the Committee.

            A6        The PRNTA President is an ex-officio of the Professional Development Committee.

            A7        A non-voting PRNTA member may be appointed by the Executive Committee to provide financial accountability or other administrative support.

            A8        One member of the Executive Committee should be a representative member to the District Curriculum Development Steering Committee.


            B1        Prior approval is mandatory for any professional development activity.  Without PRIOR approval there will be no funding.

            B2        The Professional Development Executive will process out-of-district conference applications a maximum of four weeks prior to the planned activity.

            B3        All requests must be made on the Professional Development Application form available in each school.


            C1        As a guideline, the main categories will be budgeted in the following manner:

                        .4         to Local Professional Development

                        .3         to Out-of-District Conferences

                        .3         to Courses

                        A maximum funding allocation to allow two participants to attend all PSA Conferences for the year will be set aside at the beginning of each year so that funding requests can be filled for attendance at PSA Conferences throughout the year.  Moneys not requested by members for this purpose will be returned to general funds after the date of each conference.

            C2        Maximum dollar allocation per person per school year (September 1st to August 31st).  The maximum approved dollar allocation may not be exceeded.

            C3        Costs of substitutes, when incurred, shall not be considered part of maximum allocations.

            C4        Funds allocated in the present school year are charged against the current year.

            C5        Curriculum implementation is not funded by the Committee.

D.         FINANCE:

            D1        The Committee shall, according to School District No. 60 Collective Agreement, “provide a statement to the Board and the Association annually detailing expenditures of this fund and showing that interest earned on this principle amount is used for professional development in the district.”  This report shall also be presented to the PRNTA’s AGM.  To this end, the Committee shall maintain a Professional Development account at a local financial institution.

            D2        As per the Collective Agreement, “the fund and any interest earned is to be administered by the Association’s Professional Development Committee and the Director of Instruction or his/her appointee.  The signing officers shall be the Professional Development Chairperson, the Director of Instruction, and one other member of the Professional Development Executive.

            D3        Full financial records shall be kept, including a list of non-support items.


            E1        The Professional Development Committee will recommend to the Board, through the Superintendent, the date of the district-wide Professional Development Day.

            E2        The district-wide Professional Development Day will be organized by the Professional Development Committee.

            E3        Outside Speakers:  Standard Honorarium should have a maximum amount per day.  Meals, accommodation and travel expenses are to be paid at BCTF rate of 100%.

            E4        PRNTA Speakers:

                        a)         District Staff and Itinerant Staff are expected to provide ongoing professional development as part of their role description, without additional support.

                        b)         Other PRNTA speakers may be offered a token honorarium per session to a maximum per day and the payment of sub costs for 1/2 day release time for workshop preparation.

            E5        Any one person will normally be permitted two individual days for local professional development (i.e. visitation or demonstration lesson).  Visitations will normally include the Peace River area (including Peace River North, Fort Nelson, Peace River South, and Grande Prairie) without mileage.

            E6        LSA Support:  As a grant to promote LSA’s, those submitting written plans for the year’s activities, with an Application for Funding form, will be eligible for up to $100.00 annually.  Requests for local professional development sponsored by a LSA will receive additional consideration, separate from requests for group allocations.

            E7        Travel Assistance for an approved activity with School District No. 60 involving more than 50 km. round trip may be applied for at the current rate as per policy. 

            Teachers must apply for payment using an Application for Funding form.


            F1        Applications should be received ONE MONTH PRIOR to the conference.  Applications will not be considered prior to the one month interval or at the Pro-D Executive meeting date closest to this time frame.

            F2        Applicants should attach conference programs to application forms.

            F3        Receipts must be submitted to the Committee prior to reimbursement.

            F4        Decisions will be based on the following factors:

                        a)         rationale for attending conference;

                        b)         overall costs submitted (may be amended by Committee);

                        c)         other applications;

                        d)         area of special need (i.e. personal goals, school goals, district goals);

                        e)         previous support of applicant;

                        f)          amount of support already given during the current year according to established priorities.

            F5        For conferences where more than one person applies, a maximum group allocation of $900.00 may be made.

            F6        Each LSA may apply for the funding described below; in order to send members to their PSA Conference, once a year:

                        0  –  20                         $ 1,500

                        21 – 40                          $ 2,000

                        41 – 60                          $ 2,500

                        61  +                            $ 3,000

                        Full funding to a maximum $700.00 will be provided for two (2) PRNTA members to attend their PSA conference if they are unable to form a LSA group.

            F7        Professional Development funding will not include PSA or other membership fees.  Per diem rates for accommodation and meals will be at current BCTF rates:

            G.        COURSES:

            G1        With approval prior to the beginning of the course(s), teachers will be reimbursed 75% of tuition costs for courses completed.

                        Claims must be submitted within three (3) months of finishing the course(s), with:

                                    a)         written notification of course completion, and

                                    b)         proof of tuition paid.

            G2        Payment will only be made to those teaching in School District No. 60 after successful completion.

            G3        75% support will be given to BCTF sponsored workshops endorsed by the local association and held within the district, i.e. Project Teach.

            G4        With prior approval, certified teachers, who are substituting in School District No. 60 and who are members of the PRNTA, are eligible for an education grant of $25.00 for each one-and-a-half (1 1/2) unit credit course successfully completed, to a maximum of $75.00 per contract year.


            H1        The Professional Development Policy and Guidelines may be reviewed at each year’s AGM.

I.          REPORTING:

            I1         The Professional Development Committee should report on its activities monthly to the PRNTA executive.

J.         THE ACCOUNTS:

            J1         The accounts of the Committee should be audited as of August 31st each year by an external auditor recommended by the Professional Development Committee and approved by the PRNTA Executive at their December meeting.  The fiscal year is September 1st to August 31st.

K.         CLAIMS:

             K1        Advances may be requested for travel expenses and registration fees.

             K2        Cheques will be mailed through the School Board mail.

             K3        All claims are INVALID THREE (3) MONTHS AFTER COMPLETION OF ACTIVITY.  Invalidated claims may be appealed upon application in writing to the Professional Development Committee citing reasons and circumstances.

            K4        Procedures to follow:

                        In the event plans are canceled after prior approval has been received, the Professional Development Committee should be notified immediately.

            K5        Economizer rates should be utilized wherever possible.

            K6        Educational Leave:  Subject to prior approval, teachers on leave of absence will be reimbursed for education courses, (as per the guidelines), upon returning to a teaching position in School District No. 60.

L.         RELEASE TIME:

            L1        Ten (10) release days should be made available to the Professional Development Committee and allocated at the discretion of the Chairperson.


            M1       Members of the PRNTA will be notified through the executive when funds for the fiscal year have been depleted.  The PRNTA has the option to contribute additional funding.