4013 Employee Insurance-Personal Property, Excess Liability, and Business Insurance

POLICY NO.:    4013                                         DATE APPROVED:     1970-11,1988-11,1993-10 


The Board will provide insurance coverage for employees, volunteers and visitors as specified in the Regulations. 


The board will not be responsible for deductibles or other costs if personal property is damaged, while on school district premises or while traveling on school district business. 

An excess liability insurance policy shall be maintained by the board to provide coverage for employees who may become involved in an accident, while acting on behalf of the board. 

The board will provide business insurance coverage for employees in any of the employee management groups below, while those employees are using or operating a private vehicle for business purposes on behalf of and with the approval or authority of the board. 

  • Trustees
  • District Staff
  • Administrators
  • Teachers
  • Support Staff (both union and exempt)