4000.1 Role of Superintendent



School District No. 60

(Peace River North)



4000       Personnel


4000.1    Role of Superintendent/CEO


Proposed:        May 25, 2020

Adopted:          June 22, 2020




Reference Sec. 22, 85 of the School Act




The Superintendent of Schools is the Chief Executive Officer of the Board and the educational leader of the district.  The Superintendent/CEO is accountable to the Board of Education.  The position has specific authority, responsibility and duties under the School Act and Regulations.  It is the responsibility of the Superintendent to assist the Board with the development and implementation of its strategic goals and objectives.  The Superintendent is responsible and accountable for the overall direction, operation, student achievement and standards of conduct for the school district.  The Superintendent also ensures compliance with all Ministerial orders and board directions related to student achievement.




  1. The Primary Responsibilities of the Superintendent are to: 


  • Keep Students and Staff Safe
    • Ensure active Health & Safety committees exist at the school and district level and that the requisite inspections are carried out
    • Ensure compliance with all Ministerial orders on school safety and codes of conduct


  • Improve Student Achievement:
    • Ensure that short and long-term planning as well as the allocation of resources are strategically focused on student achievement.  This entails oversight of educational program planning, implementation, and evaluation.
    • Ensure education plans are aligned with the Board Strategic Plan
    • Model learning and growth
    • Visit schools
    • Attend to issues of equity in learning and achievement


  • Support the Board of Trustees:
    • Assist with the development of policy and strategic plans
    • Assist with agenda preparation
    • Provide advice to the Board in the performance of its duties and powers under the School Act
    • Keep trustees informed.  Communicate regularly through committee and board meeting reports or more frequently as the situation dictates
    • Meet and communicate regularly with the Board Chair
    • Report on student achievement throughout the year


  • Deploy and Develop Human Resources:
    • Hire and deploy staff
    • Model positive leadership skills and maintain a positive District culture
    • Develop staff through performance evaluations, professional development and mentorship
    • Provide leadership in communicating the goals of the district
    • Provide structures for regular meetings and consultation with all education and operational supervisors
    • Identify and help develop future leaders and succession plans


  • Deploy Financial & Capital Assets:
    • With support from the Secretary-Treasurer:  Draft budget preparation, implementation of the approved budget, effective business administration and management of capital assets.
    • Provide structures for input and oversight of district finance and operations
    • Ensure all Ministry requirements and reports are fulfilled
    • Whenever possible, ensure transparency and consultation in the allocation of financial and capital assets


  • Maintain Good Public Relations:
    • Maintain high standards of communication and positive relations with the Board, staff, partner groups and the community
    • Advocate for public education


  1. Evaluation of the Superintendent’s Performance: 


The Board will carry out the evaluation or review of the Superintendent’s performance pursuant to his/her employment contract in conjunction with Board Policy.