3001 Athletics Coaches/Sponsors

POLICY NO.:                3001                             DATE APPROVED:       1998-11-12

SUBJECT:                    Athletics Coaches/Sponsors


Schools are strongly encouraged to use teaching and/or support staff members as sponsors for all teams

Where the opportunity exists to use a community coach of proven ability, schools may use a community coach in accordance with the attached Regulations..


A community coach may be used, provided that:

a)             The sponsoring principal accepts all responsibility for the conduct and actions of the community coach;

b)             The community coach has completed a Criminal Records Check and provided a current Driver’s Abstract;

c)             The sponsoring principal has received approval from the Board to use the community coach.  Written requests are to be forwarded to the Superintendent of Schools.  Such approvals continue from year to year unless there is a break in service.

d)             The sponsoring principal has provided the community coach with a copy of the Coaches Code of conduct as printed by B.C. School Sports.

The sponsoring principal must ensure that the community coach is aware of:

Safety rules;

Student medical situations, including authority to administer medications.