2002 Substance Abuse Prevention

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2002       Substance Abuse Prevention

Adopted:          1986-10
Revised:          1989-09, 1993-06, 2012-02, 2019-01
Reviewed:       2021-05


The Board supports the concept that substance abuse affects everyone and that impairing substances have no place in the schools.


The School Code of Conduct shall reflect the fact that impairing substances are not permitted on school property, at school sponsored activities, or at any activities involving students on school teams or on extra-curricular trips.  Students shall not be under the influence of or in possession of impairing substances while on school property, while attending or participating in school sponsored activities, or while involved in any activities involving school teams or extra-curricular trips.

  1. A student violating the Substance Abuse Prevention Policy will be referred to the school principal who may on reviewing the case suspend the student and/or take other appropriate disciplinary action and shall ensure that a referral for appropriate school, district or substance abuse counseling occurs.
  2. A student violating the Substance Abuse Prevention Policy may be referred to the Discipline Committee of the Board of School Trustees.
  3. The Discipline Committee will review each referred case on merit and may set conditions that must be met for the student to be allowed to return to school.
  4. The Discipline Committee will have latitude in setting the conditions for the student to return to school and may decide not to allow a student to return to school.