1010 Code of Ethics


This Policy will establish a Code of Ethics for Trustees.


It is recognized that Trustees:

  • have been entrusted  with the educational development of the children and youth of this community;
  • first and greatest concern to be in the best interest of each and every one of these young people without distinction as to who they are or what their background might be;
  • should devote time, thought and study to the duties and responsibilities of office and should endeavor to attend and responsibly participate in all Board meetings;
  • Recognizes the future welfare of this community, of this province, and the nation depends in the largest measure upon the quality of education we provide in the public schools to fit the needs of every learner;
  • Acknowledge legal authority of the Board is derived from the province which ultimately controls the organization and operation of the school district and which determines the degree of discretionary power left with the Board and the people of this community for the exercise of local autonomy;
  • Understand expenditure of funds is a public trust, and shall endeavor to see that all such funds be expended efficiently, economically and for the best interest of the student

In view of the foregoing considerations, Trustees shall endeavor to:

  • work with Board members in a spirit of harmony and cooperation treating others with respect and consideration; ; maintain confidentiality of privileged information, sharing info or knowledge on matters of concern;
  • base decisions upon all available facts in each situation, vote with honest conviction in every case, be unswayed by partisan bias of any kind, and thereafter abide by and uphold the final majority decision of the Board;
  • remember at all times that legal authority rest with the corporate body of the Board and individuals conduct their relationships on the basis of this fact;
  • bear in mind under all circumstances that the primary function of the Board is to establish policies by which the schools are to be administered, but that the administration of school business shall be left to the Superintendent of Schools, the Secretary-Treasurer and respective staff;
  • to be informed of provincial and national developments in education;
  • resist every temptation and outside pressure to use their position as a trustee to benefit themselves or any other individual or agency apart from the total interest of the school district;
  •  strive towards ideal conditions for most effective school board service to the community in a spirit of teamwork and devotion to public education as the greatest instrument for the preservation and perpetuation of our representative democracy.