1000.1 Policy Development, Evaluation & Deletion

Adopted:          04/20/20





The Board of Education’s primary role is to establish and review policy that will provide direction to staff and support the Board’s mission.


  1. Any existing or new policy will adhere to the requirements of the School Act or any other applicable legislation;
  2. Each policy will conform to a standard format that includes a policy number and heading, a log of dates of approval, review and revision as well as any applicable legal references.  This will be followed by a policy statement that clearly identifies the topic, purpose and rationale.  The next section will contain clear and concise guidelines/principles.  Staff will then develop Administrative Procedures based on the policy and guidelines;
  3. The Board, in cooperation with the Superintendent, shall assess the need for a policy and identify its critical attributes as well as possible alternatives, via the Board and/or a policy committee; 
  4. The Superintendent or Secretary-Treasurer will develop policy wording through a consultative process and bring it back to the Board or policy committee for review and adjustment.  It will then be brought forward to a board meeting for approval in principle as a notice of motion;
  5. After the notice of motion, the policy draft will go through a formal response process to assess policy impact with the appropriate groups in the district and/or community. The responses will be collated and summarized;
  6. The responses will be brought to the Board for review. Depending on the responses, the policy may either be approved or amended;
  7. The Superintendent or Secretary-Treasurer may make recommendations to the Board for minor policy revisions.  Such minor revisions do not require a formal policy impact process;
  8. Board policies will be reviewed periodically and revised as necessary to meet changing needs and remain current;
  9. New policies or changes in existing policies and guidelines may be proposed by any Board member, staff, student, resident or property owner within the School District;
  10. If a situation arises in which the Board must act quickly, the Board may waive the requirement of prior notice, discuss and adopt a policy at a single meeting. However, it is the practice of the Board to review such “emergency” policies after they have been enforced for six months, to ensure that the policy was required and remains appropriate for continued use. After the six-month enforcement the policy will then come back to the board for review.
  11. When a policy is up for deletion, it will follow the same guidelines as the adoption of policy.